ITF's most efficient Laser Engines:
Available today, built for tomorrow.

Our commitment: Making the most efficient and cost-effective laser system without having to build the optical cavity.

Don't be outrun by the giants of the industry

They provide the turn key solution… To stay in the game you must master your own solution!

To stay in the game, innovative solutions must be found to have stable, reliable high power lasers, with monitoring and control capabilities for process management and for rigorous safety levels. But you also want total control of your product, from the performances of your laser to the services you offer to your trusted customers. To do all that at a reasonable cost, we offer a limited amount of modules to achieve the same output power.

You want to build your laser system from scratch?

One options is to build your fiber laser from scratch. You know the science, and you can procure the required sub-components (even from us!). But let’s be honest, there’s a good chance that an incredible amount of resources will be required to develop a high power, reliable optical fiber laser cavity that meets the industry standards. Why not focus your resources elsewhere, and use our industry-ready laser engine?

« No need to reinvent the wheel. »

When we say «cost effective laser engines» We really mean it!

High efficiency means having to use less pump diode power to get the output power you need. With a single laser engine unit to get to 2kW of laser power, you can cut down your sub-component costs drastically if you integrate an ITF laser engine unit in your system.

We achieve this with great control over sub-components compatibility, performance and reliability, since we use our own high-power passive components that have been proven over the years.

Need a step even higher than 2kW? See our Laser Combiner product page for solutions combining multiple ITF laser engines into a single output laser beam.

Let's say you need a 2000 W Laser...

Here is what we mean by cost effective solution...

With ITF’s laser engine, what you get is all these components and features integrated into a single module, for up to 2kW of output power.

Here’s what’s included :

  • Multimode Pump Combiner
  • Mode Field Adapters
  • Gain Fiber
  • Fiber Bragg Grating Mirrors
  • Cladding Power Strippers
  • Red Pointer
  • Power and key parameters monitoring – in real time
  • Fast safety triggers
  • Output QBH cable (optional)
  • Pump ports matched to high power industry standards (either 106.5/125um or 135/155um)

Spliced, fully tested, and ready to be integrated in a laser system at an extremely low cost compared to an independent integration of all these components.

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Optical Laser Engine 500W and 1000W
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