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ITF’s new brand and… new products !

New products that are the fruit of our labor of the last years, with focus on value-added modules and assemblies for industrial fiber lasers and lidar detection systems.  With the addition of an application lab, we have a definite commitment to provide full support to our customers. R&D center and manufacturing still in same original ITF Montreal facility, we have deep roots there. New web site and web presence to share our exciting new products.


ITF TECHNOLOGIES: Member of O-Net group

On October 2014, O-NET Communications acquired Avensys Inc. and ITF Labs from 3SPGROUP with the mission of expanding the manufacturing and distribution of high reliability optical components and modules for the telecom market as well as high power devices and sub-assemblies for the industrial market.

Avensys merger with ITF Labs to create ITF Technologies


The start of an expanded vision

Avensys and ITF Labs acquired by 3SP Group. All entities in this group had their own area of expertise, focus of R&D and manufacturing, Avensys and ITF continue their growth in our Montreal facility.



Avensys and ITF unite

On April 5, 2006 Avensys acquired the majority of shares in ITF Optical Technologies Inc, now ITF Labs. ITF specializes in high-level solutions for specialized photonic applications such as undersea transmission components for telecom, and manufacturing systems. These additions to the Avensys product line bring additional technological competencies and also increase the company's production capacity in a significant way.

R&D to production under the same roof


Fiber bragg gratings enter our portfolio

In early 2003, the company was formally named Avensys and completed the acquisition of two other companies, including Bragg Photonics. The acquisition of Bragg Photonics, a world leader in the field of fiber Bragg grating (FBG) technology, made it possible for Avensys to develop a new generation of fiber optic sensors and open the door to the development of a multitude of FBG-based products.


The start of a round of acquisitions for avensys

During 2002, Avensys made a number of acquisitions that provided the products and resources necessary for the distribution and services of environmental measuring equipment and sensors throughout all of Canada.



The bubble

The “dot-com” technology bubble burst of the early 2000s had a profound impact in the telecom industry. ITF passed through the storm with a renewed focus on multimode fiber components for higher power application.



ITF Optical Technologies is founded

The first incarnation of ITF was founded under ITF Optical Technologies in 1998. At the time, it was specialized in the development and manufacturing of fiber optical components (WDM couplers, demodulators, etc.) for telecom applications.


AVensys is founded

Avensys was founded in 1995 under the name SCI Informatique, whose main mission was to develop and distribute audio authentication smart cards and other electronics devices for the telecom industry.

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