ITF Technologies’ multiple years of experience led us to develop innovative fiber optics based projects for customers operating in a wide variety of fields. If the innovation you have in mind is not covered in our standard product lines, or if you are facing a particularly challenging problem in the development of your fiber optics based system, we can help you get there.

Here are some examples of custom projects or products made in partnership with innovative firms or research laboratories

Single mode couplers

The manufacturing of single mode couplers is the original ITF expertise, and what made our name in the early 2000’s. Over the years this type of product has been phased out as a standard line, but our deep understanding of fiber fusing methods and mode coupling in different fibers has lead us to new grounds, for example in our multimode combiners product line. With our knowledge of single mode fiber coupling methods, the development of couplers for innovative applications is something we are on the lookout for.

3 x 3

One specific example of the application of our long-time expertise in fiber coupling techniques is the possible development of custom structures, for example the 3x3 modulated coupling of the signal in LMA fibers. These specific combiners aimed at taking advantage of the coherence of the light, to enable interferometric high power combining of signal light in the core of few-moded fibers. This is one example of a custom technology project that brought ITF’s original knowledge to a higher level.

Medical sensors

We can also adapt products from our standard product lines for specific applications that might require only a few tweaks from our original specifications. For example, in one instance our FBG based technology for fiber optic sensors was the base of an assembly providing a ready to integrate solution for a medical endoscopic probe. The dimensional and material proprieties of optical fibers are an advantage for a wide variety of medical applications, from imaging to sensing.

ASSEMBLY (and design)

ITF has also complete design capabilities, for example to design a sub assembly for the integration of an optical module in complete systems such as:
- Telecom sub-assemblies
- Optical source sub-assemblies
- Optical amplifier sub-assemblies
- Optical cavities sub-assemblies
- 2 um wavelength optical cavities sub-assemblies

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