From components to modules – helping you build your laser system

Whether you need specific components or assembled optical cavities, we have the solution!

Whether for volume production of industrial lasers to custom R&D project, you need reliable components that are optimized to your design, to hit all your targets in terms of power consumption, power output, beam quality and overall cost of your laser. Our wide variety of component and module solutions will help you increase the value of your system by giving you premium optical and power specifications that you wouldn’t get anywhere else, while helping you reduce your costs.

solutions of all types:
from sub-components to value-added modules

Optical Cavities

ITF Optical Cavities provides a complete integrated solution of up to 2 kW from a single optical assembly. The cavity is offered in a robust package which includes all optical components required to deliver the specified laser power output.

To complete the package, all optical cavities are tested before shipment and a complete data report is provided.  All you have to do is to complete your system by integrating the pump diodes of your choice, provide the power electronic and control electronic based on your expertise, integrate the delivery cable of your choice and complete the system based on your specific requirements. With this flexibility, you are guaranteed to keep the full control of your laser system.

Multimode Components

ITF Technologies has been involved in high power components for more than 15 years.  During that period of time, some components became more popular and were transferred to production which could benefit from lower cost.  At ITF, we understand that each customer would like to develop their own design as a differentiator, that’s why we carry a wide variety of multimode combiners in different configurations.  We are also open to prototype new design that would best fit your needs.

We also build reliable mode field adapters, end caps and cladding power strippers to help complete your fiber laser design.  Everything you need to meet the highest standard of your industry can be customized to match the exact optical fiber you need: single mode, LMA, PM… from 125um diameter fibers to >600um.

Signal combiners

With up to 7 input ports, ITF fiber signal combiners are the solution when you need more power than a single fiber laser can output. They are a cost-effective solution for the last stage of a multi-kW fiber laser system that combines all our expertise in design and high-power components manufacturing. These signal combiners are designed for ease of use and integration into your laser system. They feature an easy access to splice your lasers and your delivery cable while providing an exceptional protection for the critical parts.

FBG Mirrors for HP Cavities

ITF Fiber Bragg Grating reflectors (FBGL) are widely used across the industry. Major laser manufacturers around the world rely on our FBGL components to build highly efficient, high beam quality and kW-level fiber laser cavities. Years of experience in development, manufacturing and testing are behind these robust and reliable components, designed specifically for high power applications.  

Low cost FBGL for low power applications are also available from our production line

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Here's what you need to know about ITF Industrial Components

Always important to keep the application in mind, not simply the specs.

We have the knowledge and experience to suggest the best components or modules for your application, while we also have the flexibility required for you to keep working with your current suppliers, your current customers, and the components you might be manufacturing yourself.

Sometimes you need a complete turn-key solution, sometimes you only need the last piece of the puzzle.

Browse our catalogue for an exhaustive list of different products and fiber combinations, but never hesitate to contact us for any custom configuration.

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