We build FBGs used in telecom applications for more than 15 years.

Stable process means stable product & Stable results!

Customers around the globe make use of our high level of customization and production capacity for FBG-based components featured in reliable and high-performance telecom systems. Our years of experience in telecom components manufacturing resulted in precise and stable processes, especially for high-reliability FBGs like our athermal packaged and undersea qualified line of products.

FBG pump lockers

Stabilize your laser diode output with a precise fiber bragg grating inside the fiber pigtail.

ITF’s Fiber Bragg Grating products for telecom applications include pump locker for fiber lasers and amplifier systems, including the 9XXnm range for EDFA systems and 14XXnm window for Raman amplifiers. They are available on PM or non-PM fiber, in standard or reduced clad versions. These products are offered with a very high production capacity to meet large volume demands. We focus on industry standards, but our writing process can be customized to meet a wide range of optical characteristics. If you need a custom solution, we have years of experiences in FBG manufacturing on single mode fibers, for all kinds of applications in telecom systems or more research-focused systems.

980nm & 14XXnm central wavelength
PM or non-PM fiber
High production capacity to meet high volume demand (>50,000/month)
FBG writing capability for single mode reduced clad fiber (80mm)

Other FBG products for telecom applications

ITF has the capabilities to design custom FBG filters to meet any telecom application requirements. 

- Central wavelength: 9xx, 10xx, 14xx, 15xx, 16xx
- Reflectivity up to 99.5%
- Spectral bandwidth from 0.1 nm to 2 nm and more (custom design, adaptable process)
- PM or non-PM fiber
- Athermal packaging available for terrestrial or undersea applications


FBG mirrors in single mode fibers for core pump fiber laser
- Specific wavelength filters, with variable bandwidth
- Gain flattening filters – see our GFF product page
- Monitoring in undersea systems

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