ITF’S specialty COMPONENTS: exceptional optical performance, flexible design

Optimize your fiber laser or amplifier system performances using the best passive sub-components, made to match your needs

Our passible fiber components are designed to support your fiber system design and manufacturing, using raw materials and configurations that match your specific requirements. These components include single mode to LMA fiber Mode Field Adaptors, various Cladding Mode Strippers configurations and angled or AR-coated Endcap terminations. They feature exceptional optical characteristics to help you build optimum fiber laser and fiber amplifier systems with maximum performance.

MFA: Preserve beam quality from one fiber to the next.

Don’t let a bad connection undermine the performance of your system.

Our Mode Field Adaptors (MFA) expands the mode field of a single mode fiber to match the size of the fundamental mode (LP01) of a Large Mode Area (LMA) output fiber. This ensures maximum single mode power transmission and a minimal degradation of the signal quality (M2) from the source to the output fiber.


Some designs can also guide forward pump light along the spliced fibers for pulsed amplifier designs. Using PM fibers? You can find the same optical performance in our line of PM Mode Field Adapters (PFA), that ensure a good PER while keeping the same optical transmission quality of our MFA products. They are available in different packages meeting a wide range of power handling and can be custom made to meet a wide range of fiber types.

High power end caps for optimal output beam quality

a fiber laser termination made to match the fiber you are using.

Our End Caps are designed for high power fiber laser or amplifier terminations. They feature tapered beam expansion to reduce output power density, are optically flat and can be AR coated. They are designed for operation at high peak or average power, with minimal beam distortion. They are available in a wide variety of fibers and custom designs, matched to different types of LMA fibers. When using PM fibers, the principal axis is aligned to the output face angle for output polarization control. These endcaps are not designed for direct material processing applications.

CPS: Handle unwanted power while keeping your optical quality

Residual or unwanted pump light is often a dealbreaker in any laser or amplifier system

Our cladding mode strippers, or cladding power strippers (CPS), are designed to absorb residual cladding pump light, ASE or escaped core modes in different types of double clad fibers. Cladding light is absorbed from the full fiber NA of 0.46 down to the core NA, and the thermal load is distributed along the high-power package. Signal power in the core of the fiber and beam quality are preserved, with minimal optical loss. Also available in PM fibers, with the same optical performances.

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